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:: Docks and Slipway ::

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SchiffbaustelleThe main assembly area for completely new ships of up to nearly 30 meters in width and of up to around 210 meters in length is our slipway. Both of the longer walls are equipped with two derrick jib cranes of up to 75 and 30 t lifting capacity. The maximum weight of each section is 150 t (including any lifting beams). The maximum total weight for the slipway is around 12,000 t, the maximum carrying capacity of a new ship around 50,000 tdw.


SchiffbaustelleWestdock is useable as a further building area. New ships with a width of up to 23.5 m and a length of up to 155 m can be assembled here. The biggest ship ever to be built in Westdock had a carrying capacity of 26,000 tdw.

Free Space

FreiflächeThere are further assembly areas besides these building areas, e.g. for complete deck houses, on the west side of the shipyard.

Outfitting Pier

AusrüstungAfter the launching (Slipway), respectively the floating (Westdock), of the hull, equipping the same with superstructures and equipment is carried out on the outfitting pier alongside the Outfitting and Logistics Centre (OLC) on the east side of the shipyard. The pier is around 300 m long. In addition, the outfitting pier of the former Ostdock (East Dock) can also be used for ships that have been built in Westdock. A total of four gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 12 t are available on the outfitting pier.

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