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:: Outfitting- and Logistic Centre ::

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The Outfitting and Logistics Centre contains all facilities that are required for the material management and outfitting plants. SSW owns one of the best equipped buildings of its kind in the world.

Apart from other things, it contains:

  • a fully automated storage area for small and medium-sized material, N/C-controlled and arranged in a systematic manner according to the principle of the shortest route;
  • a storage area for pipes run on the same principle with 442 cassettes for pipes weighing up to 3 t, with a maximum length of 6 m and a max. diameter of 273 mm. Two pipe-cutting machines are connected and they automatically (e.g. overnight) retrieve the programmed pipes from the storage area, cut them as required and supply them to the pipe workshop next door.
    Among other machines in this workshop, there is an N/C-controlled pipe-bending machine and a flanged pipe welding machine;
  • there is a storage area for cables which is unique in Germany. It has four levels, each of which contains twelve cable rolls. Automated cable roll machines ensure an exact cut as required;
  • a paternoster for small items such as screws and nuts, for example; the roof of the OLC can be opened on the third floor, making it possible for big pieces of shipping equipment, e.g. ready-made cabins, to be directly transported from the storage area onto the ship.

The employees' social rooms and offices for the administrative departments are also situated in the southern part of the OLC.

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