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NachtarbeitWhere does the abbreviation SSW come from and what does it stand for?

"SSW Schichau Seebeck Shipyard GmbH" comes from the shipbuilding enterprise Schichau Seebeckwerft AG of Bremerhaven.

The origin of the yards, for which the double "S" in our company name stands, are "Schichau" and "Seebeck", two very traditional shipbuilding businesses which have left their mark on Bremerhaven as a shipbuilding site, and "W" stands for "Werft" meaning shipyard.

The Seebeck shipyard, founded in 1876, developed from a small, metal-processing business in the heart of Bremerhaven into one of the leading shipbuilding companies in the region (Seebeckwerft AG) where some technical innovations of worldwide importance to shipping have been developed. The company moved to its present location in 1910.

The machine- and shipbuilding company Schichau (founded 1837) was initially active in Elbing on the Baltic Sea area and moved to Bremerhaven for a fresh start at the end of the Second World War. The company Schichau Unterweser AG was formed in 1972 together with the shipyard Unterweser AG.

Seebeckwerft AG and Schichau Unterweser AG merged to become Schichau Seebeckwerft AG in 1988.

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