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NILS HOLGERSSONIn the course of the past 25 years, more than 50 ferries of every type and variety have been built in our shipyard.

We are experienced in the construction of car and passenger ferries, every type of roll-on/roll-off ferries, all round combi carriers, super fast ferries, super freight ferries and railway ferries.

Car- and Passenger Ferries

SSW is known as builder of high-class car/passenger ferries with hotel comfort. Our vessels incorporate highest safety standards, latest techniques in economic ship operation and offer all amenities passengers could expect on modern ferries.


SuperFast Ferries

SSW entered a new era in their history of building extraordinary ferries end of 1993. The yard was entrusted with the construction of superfast ro/ro car/passenger ferries to operate between Patras/Greece and Ancona/Italy.

To bridge this vital link between Northern Europe and Greece in the sense of EC international trade connections, the ships service at high speed has to allow for daily departures at both ports, i.e. to maintain a 20-hour transit the ferries would have to operate with a service speed of abt. 27 knots.


Allround Combi Carrier

We design and build combination carriers, which can operate on special routes to serve both customers who are transporting their products by rail cars and those who are using trucks.


Railway Ferries

SSW has built a series of railway ferries for Baltic Sea services and has one of world's largest railway ferries to its credit.


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