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Outside Cranes

Nine derrick jib cranes, namely:

  • two with 27 m length of jib and 75t
  • two with 27 m max. length of jib and 30t (14.5m) / 25t (19m)
  • three with 25 m length of jib, 3t / 8t
  • three with 25 m length of jib, 3t / 8t one with 25 m length of jib, 5.5t / 15t
  • one with 28 m length of jib, 25t / 5t

Four gantry cranes, namely:

  • two with a 30t capacity
  • two with a 15t capacity

Heavy Goods Vehicle

SchwertransporterSections are transported between the building areas, especially to the assembly areas for ships (Slipway and Westdock) by means of an industrial truck (KAMAG) with a load-bearing capacity of up to 175 t. Construction is thereby guaranteed in all weathers.

Power Supply

Although the shipbuilding halls are heated locally with gas radiators, the other buildings are heated by a combined heat and power thermal power station. This power station has three gas generators with a total output of 108 kW to generate hot water. The electricity that is generated lowers the peak load from the public supply network, thereby making it possible to save considerable costs.

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